Monday, March 31, 2014

week 98 (March 24-31, 2014)

Kedves János...
Fun Times: A handfull of good mission buddies came up to Budapest today for new missionary training so we all got together and hit the city. We went to a super sketchy market that the missionaries call the "Chinese Piac" and it was so awesome! Wow. We were all in our suits and we all got starred at like never before. We all bought some pretty cool, cheap stuff though. Can't argue with that! We then went together to some running sushi and we all just about died after an hour of that. It was amazing.

Pro Boxer: We found and met with a less active man this week who is originally from the U.S. He used to be a professional boxer and studied all sorts of karate stuff. He made us some incredible PB&Js. It was so rad to hear his stories and get to know him. At the end, he took us to one of the rooms he has with a punching bag and taught us some useful punching stuff. (Hey, you never know in the city.) It was quite the adventure.

Sport Nap: We went to our ward's sport's day this week. We played soccer with the members and investigators. It was awesome and these Europeans sure know what they're doing when it comes to soccer! Elder Tuttle and I were like, "dang... we gotta practice!" But we had a blast.

Joe: We've been meeting with a Cuban man for the past couple weeks. His nickname is Joe. (His real name is insanely hard to say.) My word, he has figured something out. I swear, he teaches us far more than we teach him when we meet. He's all about having a clear, positive perspective. It's been fun to get some good vibes. We usually take notes on the wise things that he tells us. It's great!

"We Have to Go Back": So, here's how the story goes. A couple days ago we left our apartment in the morning to go tracting. As we were walking to the place I had previously appointed to tract, Elder Tuttle slowed down next to a building and said, "how about we try this one...?"
Me, being the dummy I sometimes am, said,"nah... those buildings are pretty hard to get into and then you have to ring the doorbell into each hallway, we can pick up where we left off yesterday." (big mistake)
As I was trying to ring into the scheduled buildings, Elder Tuttle turned to me and said, "hey, we have to go back to that one building. I just feel we really need to." So we went back. Upon arriving, the entry door was wide open. (very rare) We then got in the elevator and I pushed to go to the 10th floor. (we usually start at the top) Elder Tuttle reached over and pushed the button for the sixth floor and said, "that's where we need to be." So we step out of the elevator and to our surprise, the hallway door is wide open. (also very rare) We walked down the hall and a lady came out of her apartment carrying some trash. We told her what we were doing and she invited us right in. We were able to talk to her for a while and give her a lot of help and hope in her sad situation. She loved having us there and we were able to bless her and her family in a humble prayer before leaving. It doesn't end there, we were able to help 2 more people within a few hours in that same building. They were all extremely greatful that we were there to help them.

THEN the next day we were out tracting and I felt we needed to go to a certain building. For some reason I too felt like the sixth floor is where we needed to be. We tried to ring into the building but everyone told us to talk to the landlord. Well, the landlord told us to get lost so we decided to walk down the street and go tracting before our next appointment. About five minutes into the trip, I realized that I felt good about the sixth floor and I was talking to people on the tenth floor out of habit to try to get in. So we turned back around and to our surprise, when we got there, the entry door was WIDE open. We went straight to the sixth floor and the first people we talked to was a young couple who have been really searching for an answer to why in the world we are living here on earth... and to what is the purpose of this life. We went back the very next day, they loved meeting with us and are excited to continue to meet. Az nem semmi.

Well, it's about time we get back to work... Which we love! We come home exhausted every night and we wouldn't have it any other way.

Well, as always, read from The Book of Mormon. It will change your life. I promise.

Sok Szeretettel,
Alldredge Elder

P-day adventures.

I love this city!

Today is the last day for suit coats. The weather is beautiful.

Fine dinning in the city after a long day of work!

We found this strudel that was left in the feezer. It wasn't half bad!

We went with a group to running sushi today. It was a blast!

I enjoyed it--a lot.